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Odyssey Comics Unveils Supernatural Thriller ‘Slight Return’ by Rob Pilkington and Heather Vaughan

CHINO HILLS, CA JANUARY 26, 2024 – Today, Odyssey Comics is thrilled to announce the production of a spine-tingling one-shot titled ‘Slight Return’, a supernatural thriller that promises to captivate audiences with its original narrative and breathtaking illustrations. Crafted by the dynamic duo of writer Rob Pilkington and illustrator Heather Vaughan, Slight Return takes readers on an immersive journey into the realm of the supernatural, blending mystery, suspense, and stunning visuals.

Slight Return Cover Art

Rob Pilkington pens the story of Theo Van Every, a troubled rock star looking for quiet seclusion in her family’s ancestral mansion, only to be set upon by a drifter hellbent on reclaiming a missing heirloom; an iconic guitar famously rumored to have been bargained away by the Devil himself. 

Illustrator Heather Vaughan brings Pilkington’s words to life with her visually stunning and unique style. Serving as the editor for Slight Return is Odyssey Comics’ creative director Erin Keepers, whose editorial expertise has enhanced numerous projects within the company.

In a statement, Marcus McNeal expressed his enthusiasm for Slight Return: “We at Odyssey Comics are ecstatic to bring Slight Return to our readers. Rob Pilkington’s storytelling prowess combined with Heather Vaughan’s artistic brilliance creates a perfect storm of supernatural intrigue. We can’t wait for fans to embark on this thrilling journey with us.”

Slight Return is set to debut on Kickstarter in 2024 with subsequent distribution to retailers worldwide.

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