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Format: Anthology, Magazine, Annual

Content: Mature

CRITICAL MASS is an original magazine delivering science fiction-focused illustrated short stories, articles, interviews, and essays from a diverse collection of talent.

The first volume is targeted to debut in the spring of 2023.


CONTENT/SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: As a rule of thumb, if you can’t see it on premium cable TV, then it’s probably not going to fly with us either. For mature content, depictions of excessive grotesque violence, graphic sex acts, and full-frontal nudity are a no-go. Any submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be reviewed.


  • Only one submission per creator.
  • Creators are allowed to submit previously published works as long as they are not an active property with another publisher (self-published is okay).
  • Creators are responsible for writing, illustrations, and lettering. We will not assist in building creative teams for this project.
  • Submissions can be full-color or black and white.


  • Names and email addresses of all involved creators.
  • Title of proposed story.
  • Story summary including beginning, middle, and end.
  • Page Count.
  • Links to creator portfolio(s) or social media accounts.
  • Optional: Script pages, concept art. or finished interior pages for the proposed story.

PROJECT DETALS: Works for CRITICAL MASS can be 4 – 16 pages in length. We’re also accepting 24-32 page stories that can be split over multiple volumes. Essays and articles for CRITICAL MASS can be no more than 1200 words and must be accompanied with at minimum one piece of featured art related to the subject.


6.875” X 10.50” Bleed

6..625” x 10.25” Trim

6.375” x 10” Safe Area

CMYK coloring

300 dpi minimum

600 dpi maximum


Project offers a page rate of $100 per page

Submitting creator is responsible for distributing payment to their team (if applicable).

Payment will be provided after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

PUBLISHING RIGHTS: Odyssey Comics will hold publishing rights on approved submissions for 12 months, starting at the date of physical publication.

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