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How exactly does Odyssey Comics work?

Good question! We do things a little different around here. Odyssey Comics eagerly accepts open/unsolicited submissions in an effort to find the next great story, writer, or artist. Our dream is to build a network of passionate creators and provide them the opportunity to publish their stories. Even if Odyssey declines a proposal, we try to be constructive in our feedback. We value the growth of all creators and recognize that a simple “no” doesn’t help anyone. 

In the event we love a proposal, we reach out to creators and enter an agreement to publish their stories. Odyssey Comics performs funding, printing, marketing, distributing, and legal operations involved with publishing your story. This allows creators to focus on making the best comics possible while we take care of the boring stuff. That said, our operations are open and inclusive. Creator participation in all areas is highly valued. For this reason, Odyssey Comics can be an attractive publisher for both new and veteran creators looking for a break from the typical corporate approach. 

Are all of Odyssey’s titles creator-owned?

Absolutely! Odyssey Comics strongly believes in the property rights of creators. All titles we publish are the intellectual property of the original creative teams. Odyssey reserves the rights to the books we publish, but creators are free to use their characters or continue their stories with other publishers at the end of their contracted agreements. 

How does Odyssey Comics fund projects?

All projects with Odyssey Comics are budgeted and funded privately. If we select a project for production, then it gets made. End of story. Crowdfunding efforts, such as Kickstarter campaigns, are used for supplemental funding and to increase direct-to-customer sales. 

How does Odyssey Comics compensate creators?

At this time, Odyssey Comics does not offer page-rates. Creators are compensated by receiving a commission of physical and digital sales in perpetuity. That means long after robots have risen up against us to dominate the Earth, if Odyssey is still selling comics, then you (or your consciousness now uploaded to the machine mainframe) will receive your commission.   


Does Odyssey Comics accept unsolicited submissions?

Hell yeah we do! In an effort to be an open and inclusive publisher, Odyssey warmly accepts art samples and story proposals from writers, artists, and creative teams. Please visit our SUBMISSIONS page to review our guidelines or upload your submission.

What kinds of stories are Odyssey Comics interested in publishing?

Don’t worry about trying to make us happy. Bring us a story that you are interested in. We want to publish comics unlike anything else out there. Bring us your hot takes, reimaginings, and overbaked existential think-pieces! If you’re looking for inspiration, think about comics you would love to read or characters you think deserve the spotlight. Odds are we’ll be interested!

I haven’t heard back from anyone after submitting my art/story. Will someone get back to me?

At Odyssey Comics we do our best to respond to every submission we receive.  Sometimes life gets a little busy and it may take some time before we’re able to contact you. Please allow up to  30 days for us to respond to your submission before you check back in with us, or attempt to flame us on social media. 

My story proposal doesn’t have an artist. Can Odyssey Comics help?

We definitely can. Odyssey Comics works with artists who have submitted art samples and who are looking for opportunities to work on new projects. We’ll do our best to pair teams we think will work best together, but it is entirely at the discretion of the creators. For assistance with this please contact

I don’t have a plot for my concept art or character sketches. Can Odyssey Comics help?

You know it! In the same way that we pair artists with stories we think will best highlight the talents of everyone involved, we’re more than happy to throw writers at projects that we think they’ll bring great ideas to.

Do you accept submissions from outside the US?

We certainly do. Odyssey Comics welcomes submissions from all over the world. Please visit our SUBMISSIONS page to review the guidelines for international submissions. 

Does this mole look like it might be something serious?

After some stern discussions with our lawyers, Odyssey Comics no longer provides medical consultations. We advise you to seek the help of licensed medical professionals.

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