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Odyssey Comics Submissions Policy

Odyssey Comics accepts three types of unsolicited submissions:

  • Art Samples from pencilers, inkers, and colorists.
  • Story/Series Proposals from writers, artists, or writer and artist teams.
  • Completed or partially completed works. 

Odyssey Comics eagerly accepts open/unsolicited submissions in an effort to find the next great story, writer, or artist. Our dream is to build a network of passionate creators and provide them the opportunity to publish their stories. Even if Odyssey declines a proposal, we offer detailed and constructive advice to creators on how they can develop their concepts. This portion of the process is a super big deal for us.


IF YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED IN RECEIVING OUR TOTALLY FREE AND HELPFUL ADVICE AND CRITICISMS, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN YOUR INITIAL SUBMISSION. We get it, nothing is worse than having some busybody stick their nose into your business, so please, help us not waste our time or yours if this service isn’t one that you’re interested in.

Content Specifications

Odyssey Comics is always looking for fresh stories and innovative creators. We welcome stories from a broad range of subject matter and genres, but will not consider stories depicting graphic sex, nudity, gratuitous violence, or hateful and discriminating language. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t see it on cable TV, it’s probably not gonna fly with us either.

Submitting Artist Samples

This is different from submitting art with your stories. If you are an artist submitting to Odyssey Comics, you are telling us that you’re interested in the opportunity of possibly being paired with an artist on a story. Make sure your full name and email address are included somewhere in the text or on the images of every file that you send. JPEG or PDF formats are preferred. Links to portfolio websites or social media platforms are appreciated, but will not be accepted in place of a formal, curated submission. We’re looking for the best of what you have to offer! We don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of tweets to find that stunning sunset you drew. If you are sending inking samples, make sure you also send a copy of the original pencils. Colorists, please send colored files along with the original inks. Please retain the original copy of anything you submit to Odyssey Comics because Odyssey Comics may delete or discard anything you submit and will not return it.

Submitting Story Proposals for Odyssey Comics

Note that Odyssey Comics and its contributors may independently develop characters, ideas, plots, or art that have coincidental similarities to your submission. Odyssey Comics respects artists’ rights, but reviewing your submission does not prevent Odyssey Comics from publishing comics that have similarities to your submissions and does not obligate Odyssey Comics to compensate you. Please trust us, we have no interest in stealing your idea. If we want your story, we want you too! 

Now that that’s out of the way…

Odyssey Comics is committed to responding in a timely manner to all submissions. We try not to suck as people, so if you took the time to share your idea with us, then we’ll take the time to follow up with you.  

New Story Proposals

All submissions for new story proposals should include the following: 

Logline – One or two sentences that summarises your story.

Synopsis – Provide a more detailed explanation of your story, characters, and setting. This should be 300-400 words in length.

Outline – Every story needs a beginning, middle, and end. Your outline should be a detailed overview of exactly what happens in your story and at least a page in length. 

Art Samples

Great to have, but not required. If you are an artist or working with an artist, please submit samples that will give us a clear vision of your talents and style. We suggest 2-3 samples with a focus on finished (inked and colored) interiors. The samples should be a representation of the art that will be featured in your story. In short, what we see should be what we get. If you currently lack an artist, please refer to our FAQ on how Odyssey Comics can help!

Completed or Partially-Completed Works 

Odyssey will consider proposals for stories with completed or partially completed pencils/inks, coloring, and lettering. In the case of incomplete works, an additional outline for the remaining story must be submitted. Any pages or artwork must be submitted in JPEG or PDF format. All creator’s involved with the continuing work should be included as contacts so we can get the ball rolling together. If there is a change to the creative team, please clearly communicate this as we’ll require new art or writing samples to be submitted for approval. 

Odyssey Comics will not consider works still under contract with another publisher.

International Submissions

Odyssey accepts submissions from all over the globe, but we’re currently only publishing physical works in English. All submissions from international creators for print projects should be in English and formatted (i.e. reading left to right) for English-speaking audiences. Digital releases will be available for global markets, so feel free to submit in your native format, however, an English translated version must also be submitted. All international submissions are subject to the same guidelines stated on this page.

Contact Information

Your full name, phone number, and email address must be included with your submission. The names of all creators and their related duties should also be included. Social media handles and links will not be considered as a means of contact but feel free to include them if you have pictures of your cute cat on there.

Do Not Send:



Long prose works

Delivery Instructions

Submit all files to our Dropbox account HERE or email submissions to
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