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Odyssey Comics is a publisher focused on producing the best damn creator-owned comics in the galaxy. We squash the business-as-usual approach to publishing by creating an open platform for submissions and development, allowing us to deliver content from a diverse collection of talent. We recognize that making comics can be challenging, even disheartening, with constant rejection and frustrating roadblocks at all levels of the industry. 

Odyssey challenges this by offering fair, constructive feedback on every submission. Creators deserve to have useful advice, not a cold shoulder. Whether we agree to a proposal or not, we’re dedicated to providing creators the resources to develop their ideas and talent. 

For readers, Odyssey Comics presents a road less travelled full of exciting and imaginative stories unlike anything else. For creators, Odyssey Comics offers an alternative solution to the problems presented by D.I.Y self-publishing or the risks of getting involved with large, corporate publishers. We’re committed to helping you realize your story, whether it’s publishing your comic, helping you find an artist, or providing a sounding board for your latest concept

We love telling great stories. Start yours here.

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