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YOOBIES #1 cover by Rafael Dantas

Format: Single, Standard, Ongoing

Content: All Ages

In a world much like our own, 5% of America’s population are meta-humans cursed with useless and ludicrous powers.

There is no cure, and there is no sympathy for any who has befallen this fate. Instead, society stigmatized those newly branded “Y-Gener’s”, treating the collective group as jokes with no real worth.

It is here, amongst the prejudice and bias, that a teen super-team steps up to the plate — The Yoobies! Ready to show the world what they are really made of, that every person has worth, and that no labels can hold them back from being heroes!

That is, when they’re not bickering, infighting, and stressing over teenage drama.

YOOBIES will be an ongoing original story by Nathaniel Villanueva, art by Rafael Dantas, and Marcus McNeal serving as editor. The title is in production with a targeted release for summer 2022.

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