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Odyssey Comics Unveils ‘Iverrian’ Under Paradox Entertainment Imprint

LOS ANGELES, CA April 19, 2024 – Odyssey Comics is thrilled to unveil its latest venture into the realms of dark fantasy with the upcoming graphic novel series ‘Iverrian: Curse of the Crown‘, created by the talented writer and artist Luka Brico. This captivating new series is set to be released under Odyssey’s new imprint, Paradox Entertainment.

‘Iverrian’ promises readers an expansive and immersive journey through a dark and mysterious world, woven with intricate storytelling and breathtaking artwork. The series will unfold across multiple books, each installment delving deeper into the rich lore and characters that inhabit this captivating universe.

“Luka Brico’s vision for ‘Iverrian’ is truly spellbinding,” said Marcus McNeal, Editor-in-Chief at Odyssey Comics. “We are excited to collaborate with such a talented creator and to introduce readers to this ambitious and thrilling saga. It’s a project that not only builds on the exciting comics that have become our calling card, but also pushes our boundaries into new territory with mature work evocative of indie comic’s heyday. This is the perfect opening salvo for Paradox Entertainment.”

The launch of ‘Iverrian’ marks a significant milestone for Odyssey Comics as it expands its catalog with Paradox Entertainment, an imprint designed to cater to readers seeking more mature and sophisticated fantasy and science fiction narratives.

‘Iverrian’ will debut on Kickstarter in Spring 2024 with subsequent distribution to direct market retailers worldwide.

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